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Black beauty professionals moving from beauty to well-being.

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Beauty 2 Being is an organization committed to realizing and elevating the importance of the Black beauty industry to realize its true potential to impact the quality of life in all communities.


 We believe that the Black beauty industry has a critical role to play in supporting the economic, emotional and physical well-being of the Black Community.

About Us
Beauty 2 Being Presents:


The Slow Roll community realized that the fastest growing community of riders is Black women. The number one reason given by Black women for not riding (or staying active broadly) is hair care. We reached out to the Slow Roll community members that are beauty professionals and live actively asking for their guidance. With support from Allina Health, this resulted in 'Helmet Hair - Tips for Hairstyles that Support Active Living' an online video series.

Helmet Hair

Why Beauty 2 Being

'Beauty 2 Being' was born from a conversations between Tommie Taylor - a 30 year entrepreneur and veteran of the beauty industry, Neda Kellogg - an award winning youth development executive and Anthony Taylor - a celebrated DEI outdoors and wellness leader. 


This conversation ended with a commitment from all three professionals to support the goals of Black women to live holistically. They were adamant about redefining beauty standards and giving opportunities for Black women to live healthy and empowered lives. 


The three professionals believe that the networks of Black salons and Black professionals are vehicles for economic revitalization, emotional healing and physical wellbeing in the communities that they call home.



Our Team

Anthony Taylor

Anthony has been leading the effort bringing the
sensibility of Mobility Justice and Active Transportation that measure impact within a bikeable/walkable radius of development projects, with the intent of prioritizing a project’s net effect on the lived experience of the people who reside within this bikeable/walkable radius surrounding the project, aligning the capital investment in the built environment with human capital investment in the people living nearby. 


Anthony actively engages in partnerships that use active living and the outdoors as a tool to build community, increase personal power, community safety, and improve the wellbeing of our youth and families with a special commitment to historically oppressed communities. He has served as Director of Wellness Investment for AVEDA, Senior Vice President of Equity Outdoors for the YMCA of the North and the Director Adventures and Equity Programs for the Loppet Foundation. Anthony has been a consultant with The Sanneh Foundation, The YMCA of the North, The Cultural Wellness Center, Minneapolis Park Board, HGA Architects, Burton Snowbaords and The DNR at the intersection of Equity, the Outdoors, Youth Development, and Community development.

Tommie Taylor

Tommie Taylor Hayes, Owner of Talent by Tommie Salon studio in Uptown Minneapolis. A cosmetologist for 30 years, licensed in three states - Indiana, Minnesota and Georgia. She is an accredited educator, platform artists showcased at expos internationally. Tommie is a brand ambassador for Ashtae (a global hair care product line) and has graced the stages of Bronner Bros, Salon Centric and Premier.

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Neda Kellogg

With over 20 years of experience providing Self-Discovery Coaching,  Neda has her eyes set on sharing her proven method of finding oneself around the world. Over the past 15 years, the organization she founded, Project DIVA International (, has delivered relevant programming, emotionally stabilizing skill sets and economic accountability to Black women and girls throughout the Twin cities and now nationwide.

Slow Roll Event
Jul 09, 2022, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Midtown Global Market,
920 East Lake Street Minneapolis, MN 55407


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